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90-9738-01 DMM-3 GEN 1119.0 CLEI Downloadable Memory Module daughter card, Requires System Control Card
(90-0667-01 or 90- 0667-04/05/09 mother card. Supports Software downloading.


DMM-3 GEN 1119.0
Downloadable Memory Module daughter card more information here on our full range of DMM Modules.


DC dual input power shelf with front panel indicators displaying power supply status and alarms. Does not contain a power supply. Can accommodate one or two PWR SUPPLY 48/60VDC (90-9524-02) or one power supply and one Mainstreet RINGER PSU (90-5946-01).


Includes redundant power supply dependant on the number of high speed interface cards and peripheral shelves,
Quantity two needed per Dual PSU and DS3 Protected Pair.


HDSL Data Termination Unit (DTU) is an industry-leading access product that is ideal for providing high speed services from a central site to remote locations.

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Part Number Description
60.344DRY.104 R344 Dry Contact
60.344FOM.104 R3440 FOM-E1 1550NM
60.344FOM.104 R344 FOM-E1
60.344FXO.104 R3440 ACCESS MUX FXO
60.344FXO.104 R3440 FXO
60.344MAG.104 R3440 MAG
60.344OGH.104 R3440 G SHDSL
60.344OVD.104 R3440 OVD
60.344V36.104 R3440 V36
R344AC R3440 Power Supply, 120VAC to 48VDC
R344CCAA-T R3440 CPU
R344CCA-T R3440 Controller Card
R344CCA-T R3440 Controller Card
R344CHA R3440 / AM3440 A Chassis
R344-CONF-G R3440 3 X E&M Voice Module Card
R344FXS12NR R3440 12 Channel FXS Card (No Ring Generator)
R344P1T1 R3440 T1 Interface Card
R344P4T1 R3440 Quad T1 Interface Card
R344P8EMA R3440 8 Channel E&M Module
R344S5 R3440 48V Access Multiplexer
R344SD R3440 / Loop AM3440 Power Supply 48VDC Power Supply 100 Watt
09550-R-CGA Rack Chassis Unit without CPU, Power and plug-in Cards, applicable to use with MSP (1+1), SNCP Ring
30.000331.A00LF Full-Slot Blank Panel RoHS
30.000335.A00LF Mini-Slot Blank Panel RoHS
ACC-CAB-DTE-001 Mux Y Box w/RJ48 conn.,16E1 ports-provides 1+1
AM3440-12FXS-P-G 3440 12-Channel FXS PLAR
AM3440-2GH 2 two-loop G.SHDSL Interfaces Card for AM3440-CHA and CHB/CHC only
AM3440-4C37-G AM3440 LS-Fiber Optical Interface Card 4- Channel C37.94 plug-in Card
AM3440-6E530A 6-Channel EIA530 plug-in Card with DB25 Connector
AM3440-6V35A 6-Channel V.35 w/DB25S Connector model for AM34440-CHA and CHB/CHC only (2Mb per Channel)
AM3440-8CD AM3440-CHA and CHB/CHC 8-Channel Co-Direction Module
AM3440-8DC 8-Channel dry contact plug-in Card with maximum voltage 100 Vdc or 250 Vac
AM3440-8RS232-RJ 8-port RS232 plug-in Card with X.50 subrate multiplexing scheme and X.54 encoding, with 8 RJ48 Connectors for 8 RS232 Async ports
AM3440-AFRT 3440 T1/ E1 ATM/ Frame Relay Interface Card
AM3440-E75-G E1 Interface Card 75 Ohm, BNC, mini-slot
AM3440-FOM-SAA 3440 PDH Optical Interface Card w/ E1 framer w/ SAA (1310/SC/30Km/20dB) for CHA and CHB/CHC only
AM3440-FOM-SBB-G Optical Interface Card
AM3440-FOM-SDD-G OMNILinc Mux Optical Interface Card (1550/SC/20Km/12dB)
AM3440-LCD-G 3440 LCD Monitor
AM3440-M1C37-ZHHTT 3440 1 Channel C37.94 820nm Multimode ST Connector
AM3440-QFXS-GS-A-PWR Mini Plug-in, Quad FXS Voice Card w/ Ground Start (For -48Vdc and AC (SAB) Power, ANSI
AM3440-RT 2-LAN ports/32 WAN port router/bridge plug-in card.
AM3440-S524 4Vdc 150W Power for CHA (order 2 for redundancy) Not for use in FXS and Magneto Cards
AM3440-SD 3440 48VDC 100W Power for CHA (Order 2 for Redundancy)
R409DD24 R409 Dual DC Power 24VDC
R409FOM-SAA Fiber Optical Card
R409FOM-SDD Fiber Optical Card
R410AC Single AC supply for R410
R410CCT CPU with T1 External Clock-order 2 for redundancy
R410T128 High Density 28T1 Card for R410
R410T1RJ 28T1 RJ48 Connector Panel for R410
R428CCT CPU w/ SNMP - T1 ext clk-order 2 for Redundancy
R428DC48 Single 48Vdc for R428
R429ODP R409/R428 OCUDP
R429P1E1 R409/R428 E1 Interface Card
R429PLAR R429 PLAR Voice Card
R429QEM4B 4 Wire Quad E&M
R429QFXOAT R429 Quad FXO Voice Card
R429QFXOGAT R429 Quad FXO Voice Card
R429RT R409CH Router Module equivalent to Loop V4200-RT Module for V4200-9
R429TS R429 Terminal Server
R429V35 V.35 Interface Card
R429WEM2A Phone Line Monitor A

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