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Carrier Access Wide Bank 28 Platform

Carrier-Quality T1/E1 Service Delivery Platform

The Wide Bank® 28/DS3 and /STS-1 multiplexers help carriers balance capital and operational expenses and space limitations while ensuring reliability and performance. Compact in size with best-in-breed protection and redundancy, Wide Bank is the preferred port-maximizing platform for T1 service delivery from a variety of DS3 or STS-1 equipped devices such as SONET Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs), voice switches, data switches and wireless radios. The Wide Bank 28 helps carriers meet the high-availability requirements of today’s critical service needs while also delivering more control and capacity in less space than competitive offerings – at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Wide Bank 28



Reduced space requirements
The Wide Bank 28 dramatically reduces the amount of space required to deploy T1/E1 by supporting up to 28 DS1or 21 E1 service connections in only a single rack unit of space. Older generation equipment requires an entire rack full of equipment to provide as much capacity. The Wide Bank 28’s reduced space requirements make it cost effective to deploy DS1/E1 ports to support growing requirements in a variety of environments. While saving space is an important consideration for most deployments, Wide Bank 28’s small footprint is particularly beneficial for sites such as pops, collocations, central offices, and digital loop carrier cabinets, where space is at a premium and the size of previously available equipment makes expansion impractical or prohibitively expensive.

Lower-cost for deploying and delivering services
Wide Bank 28 solutions make it possible to provision more T1/E1 ports in virtually any platform,
greatly increasing the maximum number of ports that can be deployed and services that can be
delivered to customers. Adding the Wide Bank 28 to a platform results in a significant reduction in
cost per DS1/E1.The bottom line? More revenue generating opportunity at a lower cost than with
competitive solutions — and in much less space.

Robust remote management facilities
The Wide Bank 28 solution offers unsurpassed remote management facilities that eliminate the need to physically replace cards or set switches to isolate and differentiate among equipment, line, electronic, and network errors.
Support of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enables integration of
control of the unit with popular SNMP management systems through a direct Ethernet connection. A Command Line Interface (CLI) provides remote management via an RS-232 Telnet or local management connection. Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) capabilities automatically test internal data paths. Remote  terminal management allows electronic protection switching of individual interfaces, eliminating costly truck rolls and service interruptions.

Modular design to accommodate evolving needs
Demand for services is growing rapidly, making scalability a must for cost-effective, fast, and efficient network expansion. Wide Bank 28 solutions accommodate changing needs with a modular design  that allows deployment of from 4 to 28 DS1 ports in 4-port increments, or 3 to 21 E1 ports in 3-port increments to accommodate demand for more capacity as it occurs. When additional ports are  needed, capacity can be increased quickly and easily simply by adding one or more DS1 or E1  interface cards (to a maximum of seven cards per Wide Bank 28).

Unique sparing and redundancy implementation for high reliability
The Wide Bank 28 system’s modular approach to sparing and redundancy reduces downtime and
helps ensure that the system remains available. The typical approach to low-speed (DS1 or E1)
hardware redundancy is to use an entire spare low-speed card to replace a single channel that fails,
leaving the remaining channels unprotected in the event of another failure. With Wide Bank 28, if a  single channel fails, only a single channel on the spare low-speed card is used, ensuring that there will be a spare available to provide backup if another low-speed channel should fail.

Additional features
such as hitless electronic and circuit protection, dual controllers, dual power supplies with dual power inputs, and fuse less high-voltage line protection all contribute to very low downtime and very high system reliability.



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