Alcatel's 90-0411-57 MainStreet Multiplexer
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Alcatel 3630 MainStreet Multiplexer
  • Alcatel 90-0411-57 Specifications

    Desktop, wall-mount, 19 rack-mount system. Does not require 36SM SHELF ASSY (90-1313-02). Provides two E-1(2.048 Mb/s) links. Includes internal power supply (100-240VAC) with integral ringing generator (factory set to 25Hz, user configurable to 20Hz), common control, Universal card, display assembly and software 91X5. Optional slide assembly (90-9084-01), optional wall mount bracket (90-0338-04), and customer documentation (90-0433-03) to be ordered separately.


Technical Specifications 3630 Series (Common)

Technical Summary

Flexible interfaces
The Alcatel 3630 MainStreet PRM can
> A maximum of 30  "2 or 4-wire" voice terminations
> V.24, TIA/EIA-232 terminations at speeds up to 38.4 kb/s
> Up to 16 X.21 or V.35 terminations at
speeds up to 1,920 kb/s
> 24 OCU-DP ports for access to DDS services
> Up to 30 64 kb/s co directional (G.703) terminations, or 16 2B1Q terminations for Alcatel 275x MainStreet Data Termination Unit (DTU) connectivity
T1 interfaces
> D4 and ESF compatible
> Bit rate 1.544 Mb/s (± 25 ppm)
> B8ZS or JB7 zero code suppression options
> Clock stability ± 25 ppm (Stratum 4)
> Integral CSU available
E1 interfaces
> Compatible with applicable sections of ITUT
Rec. G.703, G.704, G.711, G.732
> Bit rate 2.048 Mb/s (± 25 ppm)
> HDB3 coding
> 75/120 Ω line impedance options
Termination Interfaces
> FXS — Loop/ground start subscriber (LGS)
> FXO — Loop/ground start exchange (LGE)
> Integral ringing generator
> Optional integral tone generation
> E&M (Type I, II, and V; 2- or 4-wire)
> Manual ring down (MRD)
> 2B1Q circuits to network termination units

> 50-pin connectors to customer circuits
> Dual port V.24, TIA/EIA-232
> Single port V.35 and X.21
> Dual port OCU-DP with switched
56 kb/s support
> Dual port co directional module
(64 kb/s G.703)
Network Termination Units
> V.35, X.21 and V.24, TIA/EIA-232 units
> Single twisted pair – <5.5 km (3.4 mi.),
0.4 mm (0.02 in.)
> Synchronous data rates up to 128 kb/s
(including 14.4 kb/s)
> Asynchronous data rates up to 38.4 kb/s
(including 14.4 kb/s)
Loop Signaling Characteristics
> Maximum external resistance: 450 Ω
> Maximum dial pulse speed: 20 pps
> All parameters are software configurable
> DTE and DCE maintenance ports
> Multilevel password protection
> Automatic self-diagnostics and directed
diagnostics with statistics
> Alarm storage buffer
> Remote alarm signaling
> Local and remote loopbacks
> Management over X.25-based (CPSS)
Message system
> Alarm contacts and sensors
> Operational and diagnostic displays
> Compatible with AT&T 54016 statistics over T1 ESF channel
> Compatible with ITU-T G.821 CRC-4 statistics over E1
Physical Description
> Height: 16.64 cm (6.55 in.)
> Width: 43.18 cm (17 in.)
> Depth: 45.72 cm (18 in.)
> 48.16 cm (19 in.) rack mount
> Occupies 5 VUs
> Optional slide drawer
> Optional wall-mount bracket
Operating Environment
> 0 C to 40 C (32 F to 104 F)
> 5% to 95% relative humidity, no condensing
> AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz input
> 48 V DC nominal input
> Maximum power consumption: 75 W
> Ringing generator: 20 Hz or 25 Hz


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